Creative Example:

Tony Thomas — Athlete and Celebrity/Group Trainer (Miami, FL)

The Goal: Update Tony's highly outdated visual identity, breathing life into his highly visible brand and personality.

Notes from the Creative: Tony, from the moment you watch one of his videos or meet him in person, comes off as a guy with an upbeat personality who lives through work ethic and consistency.

Creating a logo for Tony started with understanding the way he communicates to his following and the people he trains. He is a guy that makes you want to get up and move, no matter where you are. The logo, for me, had to communicate movement, energy, yet balance.

Result: A logo with wings, literally. One side has a winged look, representing the movement needed for life — for being physically active and to being successful professionally. The other side has space and breathability to simulate the openness to the future and clarity in thought, something Tony embraces himself. Tie these elements together into Tony's "T" initial, and we have accomplished our mission. 

Creative Example:

Carlos Boozer — Former NBA Player and Current Big3 Athlete

The Goal: Create a logo synonymous with Boozer's identity.

Notes from the Creative: Carlos is a big guy. Plenty of personality. Plenty of recognition. He's a decorated athlete and an overall likeable guy with a positive appearance. He was a consistent face in several NBA franchises. 

The face was the key for Carlos. His beard has been a long-lasting trademark of his style in his career. Using a facial outline logo wouldn't work for most people — Carlos Boozer isn't most people.

Result: Boozer needed a facelift for his branding identity, so we lifted his face and did our best to keep it sharp and professional. Abstaining from name use on the logo and keeping the logo flexible, yet one color, allows for the versatility found with any minimalist logo.

Creative Example:

Ian Gordon — Personal Finance Consultant(Boca Raton, FL)

The Goal: Create a logo for a client with low social presence to create future branded content and higher brand recognition.

Notes from the Creative: Ian's position was tricky for two reasons. One, he is in financial consulting, a not-so-glorious position lacking real imagery. Second, we were not working with pre-established brand identity, nor did we have creative input before starting.

I wanted the logo to be simple, sleek, and immediately associated with his personal brand. Choosing a monogram-style base was a must for me, and I didn't want it to look like every other blocky, boring logo for people in the finance sector.

Result: A logo that says "hey, I may be in finance but I'm not going to bore you to death if we go to lunch." The team liked this logo because there was a balance of modern approachability, but a deserved level of sophistication needed to be a financial consultant.


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